Tai Chi with Angus Clark

Angus Portrait '17

Kaleidoscope MM&P works with tai chi and qigong teacher Angus Clark of Living Movement, based in Devon:

“Right from my very first class in Tai Chi I was excited by the tai chi principles of strength in softness, of allowing the natural way, of immersive attention, all rolled into a system of movement. Today these form the absolute foundation of my teaching – exploring and developing the principles. This is Living Movement – five honed down principles, the quint-essence of tai chi: Freeing – Aligning – Focusing – Sensing – Being.”

Kaleidoscope MM&P and Angus produced the video Tai Chi With Angus Clark which is available on DVD/CD and also on Vimeo to stream or download. We also distribute Angus’s video Move For Your Life, also available on DVD and on Vimeo.



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