Roland Faber

Roland Faber

Electronic musician Roland Sebastian Faber also works under the pseudonym Kinky Roland (and other aliases), producing everything electronic from speed-garage to dark-wave synth-pop, and has a myriad remixes under his belt.

Roland uses analogue synthesisers to create his sound: he received his first synth as a present from his parents when he was 15, and has gone on to master their use both technically and musically. Roland’s music is often subtle – key changes and sound effects enhance the mood and atmosphere, and he keeps the listener engaged in a progressive musical experience — the trademark of his idol Klaus Schulze.

Roland’s most highly regarded releases have been as Roland Sebastian Faber, where he revisits his roots of melodic synthesizer music, found in the work of Klaus Schulze and the Berlin School of Electronic Music, and French composer Jean-Michel Jarre.

Roland has also co-written and produced numerous songs and remixes for and with both Boy George and Marc Almond, and his remixes also include some stellar work for George Michael and many others.


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